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Here Are A Few Things You Need To Know About Protein Arrays

It wouldn't be possible for the researchers to endeavor huge milestones the way they have achieved overtime in the molecular biology, without devising methods for the Protein Array. The reason behind this is the fact that unlike the DNA, proteins are unstable, i.e. they function in a quite narrow temperature range and they cannot be amplified in vitro in the way the DNA is amplified. Protein arrays have provided the platform for researchers to... [Continue Reading]

Bioinformatics Market Leaders in the Hot Pursuit of NGS

Bioinformatics is a rapidly developing branch of biology and is highly interdisciplinary, using practices and ideas from informatics, statistics, mathematics, chemistry, biochemistry, physics, and linguistics. It has many practical uses in different areas of biology and medicine. Roughly, bioinformatics labels any use of computers to handle biological information. In practice the definition used by most people is narrower; bioinformatics to them is... [Continue Reading]

How to Prepare for Whole Genome Sequencing

Genomics is a field of technology that changes at an alarmingly rapid rate. It is difficult to find examples of other fields that have undergone change at similar rates, but comparisons could include the evolution of computer technology over the past several decades or the rapid growth of Internet startups in the 90s. Unlike these examples, the growth of genome sequencing technology is limited to a specific technological sector, or at least, it has... [Continue Reading]

All About Next Generation Sequencing

The field of genetics has witnessed revolutionary new technologies and trends in the last decade. One of the groundbreaking breakthroughs is the next generation sequencing. This technology has equipped the researchers for determining the DNA sequences of entire genomes of bacteria. This has led to the evolution of metagenomics which is a field to study sequencing the genetic makeup for an entire community. Small samples of microbes are extracted and... [Continue Reading]

Does Big Data Sanctify False Conclusions?

Midway across the Atlantic, KLM, JFK to AMS (Amsterdam Airport Schiphol), seated in coach on a brand new 747, summer 1972, on an IASA Student ticket; altitude, 30,000 feet. In-flight movies had recently been introduced, and on one leg the film was spilling off the take-up reel, out the housing opening, and falling on the passengers seated below the projector. Mid-flight entertainment went from a forgettable movie to live entertainment as the Flight... [Continue Reading]

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Bioinformatics Jobs (More)
06/25 Principal Data Scientist - Alexion - Lexington, MA
06/25 Bioinformatics Programmer at University of California - San Francisco (San Francisco, CA)
06/25 Senior Scientist Job - Merck - Palo Alto, CA
06/24 BIOINFORMATICS SPECIALIST at University of Washington (Seattle, WA)
06/24 Computational biology postdoc position to study plant metabolism - Carnegie Institution - Palo Alto, CA
06/24 Computational quantitative genetics postdoc position - Carnegie Institution - Palo Alto, CA
06/24 Senior Bioinformatics Engineer at Seres Therapeutics (Cambridge, MA)
06/24 Bioinformatics Programmer at University of California, San Diego (San Diego, CA)
06/24 Research Scientist I-Bioinformatics - Gilead - Foster City, CA
06/24 Research Scientist I-Bioinformatics - Gilead Sciences - Foster City, CA
06/24 Bioinformatics Programmer at UC San Diego Health System (San Diego, CA)
06/23 Scientist – Bioinformatics at Genentech (San Francisco, CA)
06/23 Bioinformatics Clinical Scientist - Tumor Specific Methylation Signatures at St. Jude Children's Research Hospital (Memphis, TN)
06/23 Research Associate I - Buck Institute - Novato, CA
06/22 Bioinformatics Data Analyst (Monogram Biosciences) at Labcorp (South San Francisco, CA)
06/22 Bioinformatics Analyst at Arup Laboratories (Salt Lake City, UT)
06/22 Research Associate III -- Bioinformatics at Baylor Scott & White Health (Dallas, TX)
06/22 Laboratory Tech V (Microbiologist/Biologist) - IHRC, Inc. - Atlanta, GA
06/22 Front End Engineer - DNAnexus - Mountain View, CA
06/21 Genomics R&D Engineer - DNAnexus - Mountain View, CA
04/18 Exploiting copy number variation for rapid improvement of abiotic stress tolerance in crops - Wageningen University, Netherlands- -Wageningen
04/18 Research Scientist in Bioinformatics and Computational Biology - Rutgers University, USA-NJ-Newark
04/18 Post-Doctoral Research Fellow - Epigenetics/bioinformatics - University of North Dakota, USA-North Dakota-Grand Forks
04/18 Post-Doctoral Research Fellow - bioinformatics/systems pharmacology - University of North Dakota, USA-North Dakota-Grand Forks
04/18 Postdoc: Evolutionary Genomics - Indiana University, United States-Indiana-Bloomington
04/17 Assistant Professor of Bioinformatics - University of Maine, United States-Maine-Orono
04/17 Full-time postdoctoral fellow - VCU, USA-VA-Richmond
04/14 Research Scientist/ Visualization Specialist – TRIAD (RES00003462) - DuPont Pioneer, USA-IA-Johnston
04/14 Postdocs in bioinformatics, Systems Biology and Precision Medicine - University of Calgary, Canada-AB-Calgary
04/14 PhD studentships in Bioinformatics - University of Calgary, Canada-Calgary

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